ACEP has created the www.acepchapters.org web site in order to simplify the creation and maintenance of chapter web sites.  This free service is for chapters that currently don't have a website or want to make their existing site more manageable.

Get Started

In order to get started you will need to let us know the following information:

  1. Which site look do you want to use from the 4 options shown in the right-hand column. Also, if you select option #4, you will need to select which of the 7 color schemes you wish (option #4 only).
  2. What is your domain name.
  3. The site administrators first and last names, email address, and requested password.

Getting Started Building Your Site

ACEP Internet Director Bill Halsell takes you through all the steps necessary to get started creating pages, adding images and documents, and all the steps you need to start building your site.  View the one-hour video now.

Video Refreshers for Specific Tasks
(Click on each graphic to the right of the specified task to begin the demonstration.)

Logging In, Site Settings, and Site Logo

Shows how to log in to your site, edit the site settings, and change the logo.



Adding Content

Learn how to add text to a page using the "Quick Edit", settings menu, and content editor



Adding A Page

See how easy it is to add a new page to your site.




Using the File Manager

The file manager allows you to upload, rename, move, copy, and delete files on your site.



Adding A Hidden Page

You may want to add hidden pages to your site. A hidden page is a page that can be linked to from other pages, but that will not show in your sites navigation menus.




Option 1: Simple Layout - Horizontal menu

One, two, or three columns using a gray color scheme.

Option 2: Rounded Corner Layout - Horizontal menu

One, two, or three columns using a red and black color scheme.

Option 3: Verticle Menu Layout

Menu is on the left side, one or two columns, with a gray/orange color scheme. 

Option 4: Multiple Color Option Layout - Horizontal menu

Multiple color options layout

One or two columns. To view each of the 7 color scheme options, please click the text links in the color table below.

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